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Myths and Facts about Scarring

Myth: A Scar from a Pimple Is Not Permanent

Fact: A scar from a pimple may sometimes be temporary, but may become permanent. This is especially the case if one squeezes a pimple to get rid of it. Not only can this popping method spread bacteria and worsen the acne skin condition, but it can lead to permanent scarring.

Myth: Plastic Surgery Does Not Involve Scarring

Fact: Plastic surgery does involve scarring, as there is still the cutting of tissues. The difference is that this cutting and sometimes scarring is in a concealed area of the skin or body. This hidden scar that is usually a fine line may be hidden along the hairline or inside the nose, in the creases of an eyelid, or behind the ears. Finer needles and techniques are used for minimal scarring.

Myth: All Acne Scars Should Be Treated by a Dermatologist

Fact: Not all acne scars need to be treated by a dermatologist. Mild acne scars can sometimes be treated at home with natural remedies such as apple cider vinegar, Aloe Vera, lavender oil, sandalwood paste, tomato slices, egg whites, olive oil, lime juice and more. It is recommended to seek attention from a dermatologist if the acne scar is deep or if a severe infection may be present, as a permanent scar could form.

Myth: Vitamin E Should Be Applied Immediately on a Wound

Fact: Vitamin E cream or oil has been known to penetrate the layers of the skin to minimize free radicals that could interfere with healing, but applying the cream or oil too soon after a cosmetic procedure or surgery or when the wound is fresh, could prevent it from healing properly on its own. Most physicians recommend to wait at least two weeks before applying this type of cream to the wound.

Myth: Scars Cannot Be Removed

Fact: A scar can take 12 to 18 months to form completely, and can take as long as 24 months to disappear. If scars do not go away, a dermatologist or cosmetic surgeon may be able to assist. Many scars can be removed by lasers or surgery.

Myth: A Red Scar Is an Indication of a Permanent Scar

Fact: A red scar on a wound from a cosmetic or surgical procedure is the result of new blood vessels forming at the site of the skin injury to form new cells. This redness is a normal indication of healing. If there is heat and/or inflammation around the area of injury, then this may be an infection and may be more than temporary scarring.

Facts on Freckles

There are two different kinds of freckles. The more common of the two are ephelides, which are flat, light brown marks that tend to fluctuate with the seasons. They can get darker in summer and lighter in the winter time.

Nobody is born with them. Have you ever seen a newborn baby with freckles? Nope. Never. Despite what some people say, freckles are absolutely always from sun exposure.

They’re an indication of how sensitive your skin is to the sun. In some people, melanin is produced evenly through the skin. When it’s not, freckles are little clumps of melanin that fluctuate with the sun.

Not all redheads have them. While redheads have less melanin in their skin, contrary to popular belief, not all of them have freckles. They’re thought to be controlled by the same gene, but red hair is recessive, and freckles are a dominant trait. Roughly 80% of redheads have an MC1R gene.

In Medieval times, they were considered witches’ marks. Never mind the fact that men have and will alway be just as susceptible them–right up there with moles, warts, and birth marks—freckles were said to be indicative of a women’s allegiance to the devil.

Skin care for fall

With the sunlight and temperature changing, that means that fall is beginning to settle in around us. And as fall settles in, it’s important to change your skin care routine to keep your skin looking refreshed. So what should you do?

During this time of year, your skin can dry out, making it itchy, tight, and irritated. During the fall, hydration is one of the major keys for proper skin care.

There is less humidity in the air now than in the summer, so you’ll need to step up your moisturizing regimen to preserve the natural oils in your skin. Making sure to drink plenty of liquids every day is an easy way to maintain skin hydration and elasticity (not to mention just being healthy for you in general). Be sure to keep wearing your daily SPF because the sun rays can cause damage even during the fall and winter months!

Chapped lips are a common problem in the fall, so make sure to pay special attention to your lips. You lose ten times more moisture through your lips than from the rest of your skin combined. Apply a petroleum-based lip balm, both before and after applying lipstick.

Summer can often leave many of us with sun-damaged skin, leaving behind spots or even fine lines and wrinkles. As we prepare ourselves for the upcoming holidays, we all just want to look our best. A minimally invasive laser treatment can help add the finishing touch to your look for the new season with little to no downtime. A quick laser treatment works to tackle the various problems that the skin faces, such as spots, lines, or wrinkles that may have set in or worsened over the summer months. A complimentary visit with Dr. Goldsmith can help you sort out your needs.

Smooth, lift and tighten!

This fall, you can SMOOTH, LIFT and TIGHTEN with BTX-A, Voluma, Bellafill and our Non-Surgical Facelift! We have so many options here at Ageless Splendor that you can truly decide what is best for you!

With the upcoming holidays – NOW is the time to get started on looking your best for everyone’s favorite time of year!

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