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Dublin, OH

Ageless Skin MedSpa

Welcome to Ageless Skin MedSpa

Ageless Skin Perfect Skin Aesthetic MedSpa is a medical laser center located in Dublin, Ohio. Dr. Mark Goldsmith and his staff have vast experience in aesthetic medical procedures and strive to provide you with the best service possible. We are pleased to offer patients the latest in laser technology. The laser procedures include: Hair Removal, Tattoo Removal, Skin Rejuvenation and Hyper-pigmentation removal. We also offer SculpSure Body Contouring, exquisite Permanent Make-up and Non-Surgical Facelifts.

What is a MedSpa?

A Medical Spa is a place where you can get results oriented, corrective medical skin care products and procedures for treating fine lines, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation (sun spots), skin laxity, loss of facial volume and all of the other unwanted consequences of aging skin. You can also receive laser hair removal treatments as well as vein, scar and stretch mark therapy.

Sometimes a medical spa is referred to as a medi-spa or a medspa. Medical spas combine state of the art procedures used in a doctor’s office with a relaxing experience. Over the years, anti-aging technologies have improved greatly. Medical spas offer non-surgical anti-aging treatments that were once performed only in a physician’s office.

Aestheticians in this environment are highly skilled and trained to perform medical grade therapies and procedures that are directly supervised by a doctor.

At a medspa, there is more focus on anti-aging. Usually, high quality medical grade products are used, a deeper penetration of product is achieved, and all “medical” services are overseen by the doctor. Medspas specialize in corrective cosmetic treatments. You can expect to find medically aesthetic corrective services that include but are not limited to BTX-A and Restylane injections, medical microdermabrasions, photo facials, laser skin resurfacing, laser hair reduction, laser vein therapy, collagen induction therapy and medical grade peels.

What to Expect on Your First Visit?
It all starts with a simple consultation.

You get to know our staff and discuss your specific goals. A member of our medical team will take those goals, discuss your concerns, go over your problem areas in more detail, and then recommend possible treatments.

Your recommendation will be explained to you and include pricing and next steps.

If you already know what treatment you want to do you can book your consultation and treatment on the same day in most cases.

How & When Do I Pay?

Your payment options vary. We accept all major credit cards, personal checks, and cash.

We also accept Care Credit. Finance beauty procedures and get the look you want now with CareCredit’s convenient monthly payments and promotional financing options. Click the button below to Apply Now, or click here to Learn More.

care credit

Our treatments are considered elective care, and therefore not generally covered by insurance. However, we are able to give you a letter of medical necessity for you to submit to your insurance company.

What Should I bring With Me?

Please bring your insurance card, a photo ID of some kind (a drivers license works best, but anything with a picture on it is fine), and your preferred form of payment.

Please allow about 15min before your appointment to fill out our medical history and questionnaire paperwork.

How Should I prepare for Micro-Needling?

For four days prior to treatment

Avoid sun exposure. Cover up or use high sunblock, SPF at least 50. After treatment we suggest you use Sunforgettable SPF 50.

Tell us if you have any skin problems; examples are but not limited to cold sores, psoriasis, or acne.

If you have had cold sores you will be prescribed an anti-viral medicine preferably beginning the day before your treatment. Call Ageless Skin at 614-761-0333 to inform us so we can your prescription to your pharmacy. We will also call in a topical anesthetic for you to use before your treatment. Also, please inform us, if you are pregnant or nursing.


For two days prior to your micro-needling

Do not take Aspirin, Ibuprophen or other non-steroidal anti-inflammatory; that would make you bleed and bruise which we do not wish to happen.

Confirm with your pharmacy that Ageless Skin has called your prescription for a topical anesthetic cream for you to pick up at least one day prior to procedure.


Day of treatment

1 hour prior to procedure, cleanse treatment area with mild antibacterial cleanser. Liquid dial soap works well. Pat dry; then spread a layer of tropical anesthetic evenly on the treatment area. Wash your hands well.

What Should I Do Following Micro-Needling?

Immediately After treatment

Immediately after your treatment your treated skin will appear red like a moderate sunburn. It will feel tighter and may be moderately sensitive to touch. Within a few hours this should diminish greatly and after 3 days most of the redness will be gone.

Do not use any unapproved products on treated areas. This is to minimize your risk of infection and undesirable results.

Do not clean the area for 12 hours, after which you may cleanse gently using cool water and liquid Dial soap. Use clean hands.

Do not exercise for two days.

After 24 hours, with clean hands apply SkinMedica HAS or Recovery Complex. You may use both.

If going outdoors we recommend Sunforgettable SPF 50 Brush which you will apply in a circular motion protecting the entire treatment surface. Remember in bright light or with sweating you will need to reapply after several hours; also reapply after swimming.

After 48 hours

Makeup may be used after 48 hours providing the skin is sealed, and dry, with no seepage.

Some clients may have some flaking 3+ days after micro-needling. Do not pick at your skin if you should experience this. Continue using your treatment products and gentle cleansings

For 7 days, use no exfoliates (products which make your skin peel) like Retinol. Do not use anything which irritates your skin. Remember that at this point you may find your skin sensitive to products you usually use. Use clean hand and do not pick at you skin.

While you are likely to be pleased with the visible results after the first treatment, you will see more significant and lasting results after four or more treatments 6-8 weeks apart and a supplemental skin care plan may be recommended.

If you have any concerns or questions, please call Ageless Skin at (614) 761-0333.

Call 911 for emergencies

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