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Skin care for fall

With the sunlight and temperature changing, that means that fall is beginning to settle in around us. And as fall settles in, it’s important to change your skin care routine to keep your skin looking refreshed. So what should you do?

During this time of year, your skin can dry out, making it itchy, tight, and irritated. During the fall, hydration is one of the major keys for proper skin care.

There is less humidity in the air now than in the summer, so you’ll need to step up your moisturizing regimen to preserve the natural oils in your skin. Making sure to drink plenty of liquids every day is an easy way to maintain skin hydration and elasticity (not to mention just being healthy for you in general). Be sure to keep wearing your daily SPF because the sun rays can cause damage even during the fall and winter months!

Chapped lips are a common problem in the fall, so make sure to pay special attention to your lips. You lose ten times more moisture through your lips than from the rest of your skin combined. Apply a petroleum-based lip balm, both before and after applying lipstick.

Summer can often leave many of us with sun-damaged skin, leaving behind spots or even fine lines and wrinkles. As we prepare ourselves for the upcoming holidays, we all just want to look our best. A minimally invasive laser treatment can help add the finishing touch to your look for the new season with little to no downtime. A quick laser treatment works to tackle the various problems that the skin faces, such as spots, lines, or wrinkles that may have set in or worsened over the summer months. A complimentary visit with Dr. Goldsmith can help you sort out your needs.

Why the backs of your hands look older

Why the backs of your hands look older

When it comes to your face, your anti-aging routine is a well-oiled machine. Your hands? Not so much. Lines, creases, bulging veins, and dark spots on the back of your hands are all signs that give away your age. The hands are one of the first places we see signs of aging, and the area most people neglect when it comes to skincare.

Experts say because the skin on the back of the hands is so much thinner than on our face or neck, it not only succumbs to the aging impact of the environment, but it also is more susceptible to the aging process in general. As we age, skin gets thinner, but on the back of the hands the skin is already thin. fine-hender

So what can you do about your aging hands?

Laser Technology: At Ageless Splendor we offer laser technology to remove age spots (brown spots).

Sunscreen: You should smooth on a dime-sized dab of hand cream with SPF 30 before heading out the door each day—and reapplying after you wash your hands or every two hours if you’re exposed to even a little sunlight.

Moisturize: Keep your hands well moisturized with thick hand creams (particularly overnight) to keep the skin on your hands looking healthy.

Growth Factor Serums: Creams containing growth factors promote new collagen formation.

Be sure to start taking care of your hands at a young age, and you will end up with a great routine that keeps your hands looking younger.

How to tan safely

How to tan safely

With bikini season in bloom and the sun rays hitting the sand, we all think about that “ghostly” white winter skin. But did you know getting that glow can be dangerous? Tanning beds and laying out in the sun just aren’t safe. So what options do you have?

Spray Tan (or airbrush tan) 
Tanning beds are no safer than sun exposure. Instead, head to the pros for a spray tan. To make yours longer lasting, be sure to exfoliate before and moisturize every day following.

Add Bronzer to Your Makeup Routine
The right makeup has the ability to fake a flawless tan, which is where bronzer comes to the rescue. After you’ve perfectly blended your foundation, simply apply the bronzer of your choice for an effortless glow.

Self-tanners are a sunless (and long lasting!) option for a summer glow. Simply apply, and watch skin instantly deepen to a bronze that will last for 7 to 10 days. Self-tanners color just the top layers of the skin and gradually fade as the skin naturally exfoliates over time.

A sun tan just isn’t healthy. It is extremely aging to the skin and can lead to skin cancer. So keep your skin safe by applying sunscreen when you start your day and reapply frequently.

Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Show your appreciation for that special woman in your life, by giving the gift of beauty! All of our gift ideas will say “Thanks for always taking care of me, mom, now go take care of yourself!” When you purchase any product from Ageless Splendor, just mention it’s a Mother’s Day gift and we will gift wrap it for free!

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