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Those suffering from deficient eyelashes don’t need to rely on mascara or eyelash curlers any longer! Latisse is the answer – a prescription treatment for sparse or insufficient lashes!  With daily treatment of Latisse over a 16 week period, your eyelashes can grow thicker, fuller, and longer than you ever thought possible!

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Latisse not only increases the length of each eyelash, but also increases the number of overall eyelash hairs. Although individual results may vary, a clinical trial of Latisse resulted in 106% fuller lashes, 25% longer lashes, and 18% darker lashes on average for patients after only 16 weeks of treatment! Results can be seen in as little as 8 weeks.

Ageless Splendor is proud to offer this cutting-edge product for their patients. Schedule a consultation to see if Latisse is the solution for you, and you could be one step closer to having the dark, luscious lashes you’ve always dreamed of!



Latisse Treatment FAQs

How soon will I see results from Latisse® eyelash treatment?
Latisse results may vary from patient-to-patient as eyelash growth from Latisse treatment occurs gradually.  With proper application, results may show in as little as eight weeks and full results may be visible in about four months.

Can men use Latisse for their eyelashes?
Yes, men and women both may benefit from the growth factors of Latisse.  Any patient who wishes to address the length, thickness or darkness of their eyelashes may be a good candidate for Latisse treatment.  A consultation with the Dr. Goldsmith will help you determine if you are a good candidate for Latisse and create the best treatment plan for your aesthetic goals.

Can I use Latisse eyelash treatment if I wear contact lenses?
Yes.  It is advised that patients that wear contact lenses remove them prior to applying Latisse treatment to their eyelashes.  After Latisse has been applied, it is imperative that patients wait at least 15 minutes before putting contact lenses back into their eyes to avoid irritation.