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Ageless Splendor offers Complimentary Consultations for all our services.

At your private, complimentary consultation our goal is to understand your aesthetic (or tattoo removal) objectives and give you a careful and honest assessment. We will show you before and after photographs, answer all your questions, talk you through the procedures and work together to understand which treatments are right for you.

For tattoo removal we will consider each tattoo’s color, depth and ink chemical composition to create the best plan to remove it. We are committed to use the most advanced equipment to achieve the most rapid and safe removal at the best price. Our goal is to treat your tattoo without harmful side effects to your skin and to give you the most complete removal. We aim to have your skin’s surface look as it did before tattooing; we can also work with your tattoo artist to prepare your skin for a new design, so you do not have to settle for an unsightly cover up.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for your Complimentary Consultation!