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Welcome to Ageless Splendor Perfect Skin where you will be treated with proven state of the art advanced laser technology by our experienced doctor!

Our Promise to you

 We will consider each tattoo’s color, depth and ink chemical composition to create the best plan to remove it. We are committed to use the most advanced equipment to achieve the most rapid and safe removal at the best price. Our goal is to treat your tattoo without harmful side effects to your skin and to give you the most complete removal. We aim to have your skin’s surface look as it did before tattooing; we can also work with your tattoo artist to prepare your skin for a new design, so you do not have to settle for an unsightly cover up. When searching for a physician to remove your dye, do not be overwhelmed by complicated or technical descriptions of equipment and beams. At Ageless Splendor you will be treated most effectively and comfortably.

Complimentary Consultations

 Simply call and make an appointment to come in, or book your appointment online. We will work together to arrive at a removal plan and give you our best quote. If your ready, you can start your first removal at your consultation or simply schedule your removal for another date. 

How We Remove Your Tattoo

 Dr. Goldsmith will remove your tattoo using a harmless laser beam. The beam seeks out the pigment in your tattoo with its light energy and shatters it into millions of pieces. Your body then absorbs these pieces over a period of the next 6 weeks. The process is repeated until your tattoo is gone. You will have the confidence of knowing that Dr. Goldsmith is certified in laser and tattoo removal.

How Many Removal Procedures Will I Need?

Our goal is to remove your tattoo quickly. The number of proceduress will depend on several factors including your own immune system, your skin tone, the tattoo colors, the types of dye, the depth of the tattoo and the length of time you have had it. Knowing these things, we will craft your unique procedures.

What Does The Laser Feel Like?

Most people describe the laser as an elastic band snap on your skin which lasts only a very short fraction of a second. We will cool your skin to make you comfortable and only in rare instances is anesthesia necessary.

Length of Time Between Procedures

 Procedures are spaced about 5 weeks apart to give your body sufficient time to absorb and remove the broken down dye fragments.


We look forward to being part of your team!

*Individual results may vary.